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Prompt Intervention with the Prosecutor

Once you have been arrested, the State Attorney's Office generally conducts an independent investigation. At times, early intervention by your attorney in providing the prosecutor with your side of the story, or the names of witnesses, can be effective. Early contact with the prosecutor could make a difference in the decision whether to file formal charges, file a lesser charge, or decline to prosecute at all.

Diversion Programs

Diversion programs are alternatives to the traditional methods of prosecution. Essentially it is a probation offered by the State wherein for a predetermined period of time you must stay out of trouble, commit no further crimes, and complete any other conditions imposed by the program. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, the criminal charges are then dismissed. Diversion programs are available for first time offenders for most misdemeanors and some minor felonies.

Pleas Bargains

Depending on the evidence the State has against you, you may simply choose to dispose of the case with an agreed upon disposition which can be negotiated between the prosecutor, your attorney and the Judge. This agreed upon disposition of your case is often times structured to avoid a formal conviction, extend time to meet court imposed obligations and not jeopardize your employment. A prompt resolution through a plea agreement can allow you to get on with your life.

Withholding of Adjudication

A withholding of adjudication allows you to resolve your case without suffering a formal conviction of guilt. After receiving a withhold of adjudication a person can truthfully state they have never been convicted of the offense.

Pleas in Absentia

A plea in absentia allows the case to resolve without the need for a trial or even your personal appearance in court. It is also possible to receive a withholding of adjudication on pleas in absentia.

Sealing/Expunging of Criminal Records

The sealing or expunging of your criminal records makes the information about your case nonexistent to inquiring members of the public or potential employers. It allows you to state, with limited exception, that you were never arrested or charged with a criminal offense.

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